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It snowed in Dallas this morning, a very unusual occurrence for this time of the year in this area. It didn’t snow at our house though.

Today, among other things, I looked at the fabric I purchased yesterday. I measured it with my new straight edge – I am not sure what that particular sewing tool is called. Then, I decided that I needed my straight pins to mark out the lines where I wanted to cut the fabric. My straight pins were in another part of the house entirely and by the time I thought about my fabric again the day was over.

Oh, and I found the wrench needed to dissemble the crib in our upstairs family room to move it into a bedroom. Sadly, it did not fit through the bedroom door once assembled.


As many of you have noted – December is here! It is raining here… It has rained most of the fall. I guess we should be accustomed to it. Sometimes it is nice. “That dog” stops barking when it is raining. I presume the poor dog’s owner lets him/her inside during inclement weather.

I shopped for fabric today and loved almost everything I saw. Between the rain and my pondering beautiful colors, interesting patterns and unusual textures, that was my day. Grandpapa is looking at the sale advertisements.

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