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Today is Marvelous Monday! We have a special name for almost every day of the week; Marvelous Monday, Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Terrific Thursday, Fabulous Friday, and Super Saturday. Suggestions for Sunday are welcome. We have also started naming our years and this is The Year of the Road Trip. We hope to visit Big Bend National Park while the wild flowers are blooming and we will make some other interesting stops along the way. One stop may be to see the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains. Other than major road trips we plan to make some minor trips, also. Recently we read about the best Dance Halls in Texas and the best Live Music in Louisiana. We don’t know much about dance halls or Louisiana music in general, but we are always ready for new adventures.

Yesterday we had green soup. Grandpapa said that he felt very healthy eating it! It was made with green leaf lettuce. Grandpapa also did some major yard work. It was more taxing mentally than physically, though it always feels good to spend time in the backyard and get some fresh air. He spent most of the afternoon pruning and trimming bushes and trees and flowers. One of the plants he trimmed was our red salvia, which attracts birds and butterflies throughout the summer. The bench in the picture is normally placed just across from the salvia, especially to see the birds and butterflies. It was a warm but cloudy day so his gardening hat was not needed!

Garden Hat on Bench


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