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A long day with a sweet ending. To quote from a thank you note we received today:

“Dear Nana and Grandpapa – Thank you so much for the cell phone you got for my birthday! I like to push the buttons and dance to the music. Too bad we can’t use it to talk to each other! It was fun to get to see you in Texas. Mom says we’ll come back again next month for Christmas! I’ll talk to you soon on the computer! Love, Stella”

PS The cell phone was a toy phone.


Happy Birthday Stella! It is 11:50 p.m. here and we just connected to the internet for the first time today with some very old hardware. I was so afraid that we wouldn’t make it. We hope that you had a great day!

Tim and Jeanne are here for the second time in one month! We have a big dinner planned for tomorrow. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day; we are thankful for each of you!

Last weekend Tyler, Sarah, Stella, Tim and Jeanne were here for their stepbrother’s wedding. We were able to visit with them for a few days and celebrate Stella’s first birthday a little early.

Meet Stella:

Little Updates Meet Stella

You need to meet Stella to understand Stella; she is a very complex little girl.

Stella is our second youngest grandchild and just one of 13 children under 6 years of age in our immediate, extended family. We will be seeing James, Nicole and Jaidyn to meet our youngest grandchild, Gavin, this weekend. We are quite excited!

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