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Today we read that a Half Price Books is coming to our town. It will be located just down the street from our neighborhood. We love going to bookstores; my bookshelves at home are overflowing with books. Grandpapa spends much of his time in the music section when we go, looking for a good deal on a CD to add to our growing music collection. Our collection of children’s books is growing, also! Hopefully, the new store will open soon. Let us know of any books or authors you especially enjoy.


As many of you have noted – December is here! It is raining here… It has rained most of the fall. I guess we should be accustomed to it. Sometimes it is nice. “That dog” stops barking when it is raining. I presume the poor dog’s owner lets him/her inside during inclement weather.

I shopped for fabric today and loved almost everything I saw. Between the rain and my pondering beautiful colors, interesting patterns and unusual textures, that was my day. Grandpapa is looking at the sale advertisements.

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon; a good time to write. I went shopping for possibly the first time on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The trip out was a lunch at Chuy’s (, a Tex-Mex restaurant in the heart of a small, but wonderful shopping district in Dallas. The address is 4544 Mckinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75205, if you are in town. After an excellent lunch we decided to shop just a bit. Jeanne bought one Christmas gift for a family member and I purchased my annual christmas ornaments. Yes, ornaments plural. I usually find an ornament I especially like and buy 5 to 7 to make a small seasonal statement (I think that may be the “work” in me.) This year it was five Mercury Star ornaments from Pottery Barn ( As usual, I think I may go back for more! Initially I was going to decorate our tree with just a minimum of ornaments, but after some enthusiastic help from Jaidyn on Thanksgiving Day, I am decorating to the maximum! And here is our photo:

Mercury Star Ornament for Little Updates

We went Christmas shopping this evening. I was able to reserve a book and two CD’s at Barnes & Noble using their “Pick Me Up” service. One of my reserved items was the new Imogene Heap CD, Ellipse, which was on Tim’s Christmas list. I listened to a few samples of the songs on Amazon and read that Imogene Heap was a member of Frou Frou before deciding to get Grandpapa a CD also. He likes to listen to music at work. Of course, I took a look around once we arrived at the store and I picked up a few other things, also. Surprises for now.

Tomorrow we will be see Gavin. I posted several sets of pictures of Stella to our Flickr account this week (we are new to Flickr) and after tomorrow we will be able to see slideshows of Gavin, also! If you want a link, just let us know.

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