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This morning I deleted all of the game applications from my Facebook profile. I loved playing the games, but they were to time consuming for me. I am sorry Whitney, Danielle, Mike, Kimberly, Grant, Karri, Amy, Sue, Mariah, Don and whomever else I may be forgetting. Including my 140+ Sorority Sisters. Now they have one less Sister to fight for them and give them votes and gifts. I had amassed quite an arsenal of Glam and could win fights against Houses of 400.

I will miss dressing up in Sorority Life, not to mention earning $60,000.00 per hour. I will miss decorating my Cafe in Cafe World and looking at the daily changes in everyone else’s Cafe as they upsized and redecorated. I will miss looking at my farm in Farmville, but I won’t miss harvesting those darn trees. Oh, I forgot about the fiery red maple trees. I did love those! They reminded me of my youth. Thank you ¬†Kimberly, Amy and others for noticing! And racing in Yoville! What fun to fly through the air and fly over the finish line first so many times. Most of all I will miss those connections with strangers. I wonder how many Friends I will lose? And even more, I will miss those playful relationships with my family members, some of whom I really don’t know that well since I have always lived so far away. Please stay in touch; I have enjoyed playing games with you!


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