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Happy Birthday Stella! It is 11:50 p.m. here and we just connected to the internet for the first time today with some very old hardware. I was so afraid that we wouldn’t make it. We hope that you had a great day!

Tim and Jeanne are here for the second time in one month! We have a big dinner planned for tomorrow. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day; we are thankful for each of you!


We have 1 day left to prepare for the holiday and much to do. Tim and Jeanne will arrive at the airport late tomorrow afternoon. My last activity tomorrow before they arrive will be to decorate the tree. I am saving the best for last! I look forward to the special feeling a decorated tree always gives the house!

Our Thanksgiving table a few years ago:

I finalized our holiday menu today – Roasted Turkey Breast, Gravy, Wild Rice, Chestnut and Cranberry Dressing (wheat-free), Fresh Cranberry Sauce (for Jeanne), Onion-Raisin Conserve (for me – I always try something new and different), Seasoned Fresh Asparagus with Chopped Egg Garnish, Fresh Cauliflower Browned in Garlic Olive Oil, Sweet Potatoes with Cashews, Carrots and Thyme and finally – Cherry Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert (wheat-free, also). Grandpapa stopped by Central Market on his way home and emerged after three hours, exhausted. I thought he would be missing the crowds. Oops!

I have saved the best for last. A sweet photo of Gavin:

We had a lovely afternoon visiting with James, Nicole, Jaidyn and Gavin. Jaidyn was a delightful hostess and Gavin was an adorable newborn. Jaidyn took us on a tour of the house upon our arrival and then introduced us to Gavin after waking him up. She seemed to have a nice time also!

Meet Jaidyn:









We will be posting several sets of pictures to our Flickr account after today and we will be sharing more photos, Gavin included, over the next few days!

Please note that we have moved and our new address is

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We went Christmas shopping this evening. I was able to reserve a book and two CD’s at Barnes & Noble using their “Pick Me Up” service. One of my reserved items was the new Imogene Heap CD, Ellipse, which was on Tim’s Christmas list. I listened to a few samples of the songs on Amazon and read that Imogene Heap was a member of Frou Frou before deciding to get Grandpapa a CD also. He likes to listen to music at work. Of course, I took a look around once we arrived at the store and I picked up a few other things, also. Surprises for now.

Tomorrow we will be see Gavin. I posted several sets of pictures of Stella to our Flickr account this week (we are new to Flickr) and after tomorrow we will be able to see slideshows of Gavin, also! If you want a link, just let us know.

This morning I deleted all of the game applications from my Facebook profile. I loved playing the games, but they were to time consuming for me. I am sorry Whitney, Danielle, Mike, Kimberly, Grant, Karri, Amy, Sue, Mariah, Don and whomever else I may be forgetting. Including my 140+ Sorority Sisters. Now they have one less Sister to fight for them and give them votes and gifts. I had amassed quite an arsenal of Glam and could win fights against Houses of 400.

I will miss dressing up in Sorority Life, not to mention earning $60,000.00 per hour. I will miss decorating my Cafe in Cafe World and looking at the daily changes in everyone else’s Cafe as they upsized and redecorated. I will miss looking at my farm in Farmville, but I won’t miss harvesting those darn trees. Oh, I forgot about the fiery red maple trees. I did love those! They reminded me of my youth. Thank you ¬†Kimberly, Amy and others for noticing! And racing in Yoville! What fun to fly through the air and fly over the finish line first so many times. Most of all I will miss those connections with strangers. I wonder how many Friends I will lose? And even more, I will miss those playful relationships with my family members, some of whom I really don’t know that well since I have always lived so far away. Please stay in touch; I have enjoyed playing games with you!

Last weekend Tyler, Sarah, Stella, Tim and Jeanne were here for their stepbrother’s wedding. We were able to visit with them for a few days and celebrate Stella’s first birthday a little early.

Meet Stella:

Little Updates Meet Stella

You need to meet Stella to understand Stella; she is a very complex little girl.

Stella is our second youngest grandchild and just one of 13 children under 6 years of age in our immediate, extended family. We will be seeing James, Nicole and Jaidyn to meet our youngest grandchild, Gavin, this weekend. We are quite excited!

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